Children’s Dentistry

When should a child first visit the dentist?
As soon as he/she will sit in the chair. Before your child’s first visit, we also recommend a technique called ‘modelling’. This technique involves your child observing you, as model, receiving treatment in a relaxed manner.

I have a terrible fear of the dentist from my childhood. I don’t want my child to have the same experience. What should I do?
Call Abbey Dental today on 046-9022889 before your child complains of pain for a fun, friendly and *free first examination. Here at Abbey Dental, we believe every child should visit the dentist in a carefree and relaxed environment.

They are only ‘baby’ teeth. Are they still important?
Yes. ‘Baby’ teeth maintain space and provide support for the upcoming permanent dentition. If you want healthy and pain-free teeth for your child it is imperative to maintain their ‘baby’ teeth from childhood.

How do I maintain my child’s teeth?
Limit sugar intake, especially in liquid form i.e. juices. Practice age appropriate oral hygiene and maintain regular visits to your dentist at Abbey Dental. We will help you and your child have the best oral health possible.

There’s a hole in my child’s tooth. What can be done?
Your child needs to see a dentist. At Abbey Dental we will always, where possible and appropriate, save your child’s tooth with an appropriate restoration.

*Parents/ Guardians must be registered patients of Abbey Dental Care to avail of a free first examination

Fissure sealants

What are Fissure Sealants, and should my child get them?
Fissure Sealants are a protective coating placed on your child’s permanent teeth from the age of 6 to help prevent tooth decay. Fissure Sealants are placed without any needle and are an excellent way of protecting your child’s teeth in a non-traumatic manner. At Abbey Dental we believe prevention is better than cure, so yes your child should be assessed for Fissure Sealants.


Up to 20% of players of contact sports will undergo serious dental trauma during their playing careers. Wearing a mouthguard can help avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth or tooth loss. They also limit the extent of injuries to the lips, the tongue and the soft tissues of the moth.

A custom-made mouthguard is one that is made by your dentist following an impression of your child’s teeth and is fitted by your dentist. In order for a mouthguard to work effectively it has to be in position at the time of a bang to the teeth. This is why retention (ability to stay on the teeth) and accurate fit is very important.

Custom-made mouth guards are individually molded to fit the child’s teeth, and as a result, are able to stay in place better than shop-bought mouthguards.

Custom-made mouthguards are superior in retention (ability to stay on the teeth) protection and comfort.

Custom-made mouthguards can be designed in individualised club colours or fun designs. Ask us about our available range of colours and designs!

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Important Announcement

Important Announcement

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Please give 24 hours to cancel appointments

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